"It’s so great to hear how proud the children were presenting their film. Neda and Marrs did an incredible job!"

— Rachel Bell - Save the Children

Reinforcing Community Values

Swift Creek Primary are ambassadors for courage joy and kindness.

This unique video is half superhero movie and half music video.

A creative video delivered at request for rewards and recognition of the great work this primary school is doing under the topic of Respectful Relationships.

The talent in this video came up with all of their creative ideas on the spot as we workshopped under their school’s values filming the scenes as an affirmation to the students original verbal examples.

"The kids watched the film today and were blown away! It’s clear to see on their faces how thrilled they were. Thank you to both Save the Children and Goodworthy for giving the kids this opportunity."

— Mary-Anne Sheean - School Principal

Production Details

Location – Swifts Creek

Shoot Type – School setting with mobile green screen studio.

Post Production – Animated titles, green screen effects and transitions.

Client – Save The Children Australia – Bairnsdale Office