"Thank you so much Marrs and Neda, for all your hard work on this. It's a satisfying outcome that tells a potent story. Something we will share with pride. "

— Kendra - Marketing Manager - Ilbijerri

Supporting First Nations Culture

A spirited and descriptive advertisement for a new collaboration between First Nations creators and Maori creators.

This large scale comedy drama is being created as this video was being made and the client needed to clearly communicate the beginnings of this work to connect it to their internal organisations, artists and their future clients.

The intention for this video was to attract development funding of which Black Ties was successful.

"Brilliant work. We are all REALLY HAPPY with it. Thanks so much!"

— Nina Bonacci - Senior Producer - Ilbijerri

Production Details

Location – The Arts Center Melbourne- Hamer Hall backstage green room studio & The Meat Market North Melbourne.

Shoot Type – Writers, producers and directors interviewed to camera.

Post production – Titles, transitions, licenced music and images.