"Thanks for your great work on this. Your choices of what to include are so insightful and reflective of how thoroughly you have engaged with what the company is about."

— Kendra - Marketing Manager - Ilbijerri

Showcasing Important Works

A powerful deepdive into the history and statistics of Ilbijerri Theatre Company’s past and present productions.

Showcasing their professional artists and the importance of their future collaborations.

This edit job includes animated titles and split screen edits.

The purpose of this video is to attract major organisational funding.

"Brilliant work. We are all REALLY HAPPY with it. Thanks so much!"

— Nina Bonacci - Senior Producer - Ilbijerri

Production Details

Location – Multiple theatres, The Arts Center Melb, The Meat Market and one beach location on Boon Wurrung land.

Shoot Type – Live theatre, Interviews and testimonials lead by the talent.

Post production – Assembled footage from multiple Goodworthy productions including a lot of footage from the Ilbijerri Theatre archive.